How to Attract Women – 5 tips

How to Attract Women How to Attract Women

Many different ways are use by men, trying to understand how to attract women that they desire. Women hold a lot of mystery for the men that interact with them. They are good at keeping their feelings to themselves and they act differently than his mood. That makes it hard to guess what is inside his heart. Although every woman has her own criteria and tastes in men, there are a few things in general that most women like. By knowing what women like and what they hate, it will be easier to understand how to attract women and get her attention. Learn what they are by reading the tips below :

How to Attract Women With This 5 Tips  

1. Calm and Relax

Many men will experience a sense of tension or nervousness when dealing with women, especially women who they desire. Feeling tense and nervous will make the atmosphere become rigid and will cause an unfavorable first impression. Try to stay calm and relaxed so the atmosphere becomes fun. Be yourself so that women know that you are fun and feel comfortable with the attitude that is being sent. Remember, if you want to know how to attract women, Never think that you look ugly or unattractive to her.

2. Keep your Appearances

Women prefer men who are neat and clean. So keep your bad habits to yourself when you are in front of women. Spend a little time taking care of your appearance. Neat and clean should not appear too made up. Appearances are also one of the most effective ways how to attract women. Using cologne is also a good idea.  Select something that smells fresh and does not stink. This will show that you care and are very concerned about appearances.

3. Talk Less and Listen More

When you start a conversation with a woman be a good listener and speak in a timely manner. Do not interrupt when she speaks. Usually woman like talking about something she likes and finds very exciting. Listen and pay attention when she is expressing her feelings. This section is often a boring way for most men to work on when learning how to attract women.

4. How to Attract Women – Pay Attention

Impress her by paying attention to her. Just call at night before bed just to say goodnight or to remind her about lunch the next day. Find out about her habits, favorite things or the problems she may be having. Help her when she is having problems, about her work or personal life. Some women are sometimes difficult to talk about problems they are having, except her closest friends or people who she believes. By getting to know herself better and closer, slowly but surely she will trust you.

5. Show Her She is Special

Women like to be treated like they are special. If you want to knwo how to attract women – Make sure she feels special. Women like praise and surprises. Once in a while give her a compliment, but not too much and do it in a smooth way. Women love surprises. Surprise her with a small gift or an invitation to a fun place she has never visited. A man who can make a woman feel special has a better chance of winning her.

Those are the 5 tips.  Most men cannot do these things.  In fact, many men even ignore these things and will probably never know how to attract women.

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