How to Attract Women with a Great First Impression

How to Attract Women with a Great

How To Attract Women First Impression

When it comes to learning how to attract women you are going to see that a first impression is going to be very important.  It is going to keep the woman coming back and it is going to help you entice her so that she will want to know more about you.  Many men do not think about the first impression that they are creating and this is a bad thing.  This should never be overlooked if you really want to know how to attract women.

How to Attract Women at the first date:

Follow these little tips if you want your first date to go well:


1.)  Speak Up!

How many times have you arrived somewhere and you could spot the bar bully from a mile away?  This might increase your anxiety and it could make it very difficult for you to relax.  Before you know it, he has something smart to say and you simply walk away.  This is a great idea but there is also something to be said for being assertive and being able to stick up for yourself and your date.  Keep that in mind if you are more passive and you have a hard time speaking up.


2.)  Dress Appropriately

Think about the message that you want to send when you are learning how to attract women.  You do not want to dress inappropriately for your date.  For example, if you have told your date that you are going to dinner at the local pub and then to a movie you are not going to wear a tux.  You will want to also consider what your date may be wearing.  Do not try to show her up.  Try to dress in the same fashion.  Be aware of your shoes as well.  Make sure that they are clean.  Many men forget about this little tip.


3.)  Be Mysterious

If you are not sure about what this means, think about the last time that you tried to get a girl to notice you.  Were you really loud?  Did you tell everything about your life in the first three minutes of the conversation?  These are big mistakes that can get you in trouble when you are trying to learn how to attract women.  You will want to let her know some things about yourself but you will want to leave her guessing about some things and you will want her to be curious so that she will want to learn more about you.  It is good to be honest but too honest can cause problems later.

Knowing how to attract women can get you the women you want.

These tips are not that difficult to remember and they are very easy to implement if you really want to know how to attract women.  The next time you see a woman that you think could possibly be the one for you, you should try these tips.  You will see that they work and you will have much better results in the end.  Now you know how to attract women.



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